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    “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”

    Nelson Mandela

    Fact Finding Visits

    Trying to understand

    When a person grew up in a regular home in a first world country, it is sometimes difficult to understand what an orphan in a third world country needs most. At first we made assumptions, but after several visits to the Malabo Orphanage, we gained much more insight.

    Angels on Earth

    Appreciation for the Care Givers

    'The Orphanage of Our Lady of the Almudena' in Malabo houses 130 orphans and also functions as a primary and secondary school for another 600 day scholars. Visitors to the school are overwhelmed by a sea of smiling faces of obviously loved and well cared for children. The handful of nuns running the institution on a shoe string budget are doing and incredible job!

    Basic Needs

    A nutritional diet includes protein

    Sister Marie Cruz and her team regularly have to find creative ways to prevent the children under their care going to bed hungry. Funding of the orphanage generally just covers staple foods like rice and plantain, but growing kids need better nutrition. The first thousand US dollars we donated were spent on milk formula (for the babies and toddlers), and a month's supply of chicken and fish. There is also a dire need for regular supplies of disposable nappies, toiletries etc. 

    How We Help

    It Starts With Understanding The Needs

    About Our Project

    The staff of CHC Helicopter in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea decided in 2017 to give something back to the community by adopting a local charity. Whilst government orphanages on Bioko Island were well run, they were also under funded. We received some generous donations from CHC staff world wide and embarked on a quest to find ways to address the needs of the orphans and the Catholic nuns who dedicate their lives to loving and raising these kids.

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